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Summary - June

  My June Summary For June, I was not so active. But anyway, As I promised that I will be doing a summary report.   So far, in June, I've posted about Numbers, Days and Weeks of the months, and Nationality and language for my Japanese blogs, while I updated more examples for my Spanish class. I am actually in Spanish 2 now. I was just too lazy to summarize Spanish 1.   Here is the link for the blogs for June:   June 1     à Spanish Lesson 2  More Examples June 6    à   Let’talk about numbers June 15  à   Days,Weeks, Months of the Year June 20  à   Nationality and Language   Here you can also find my May summary report: May 30  à   Summary – May   So far, I already post about the suffix for Nationality and Language. In the coming blogs, more suffixes and counters to be tackled. Wait for it. I hope I can blog more.   Here is my calendar for my two blogs though I haven’t posted a lot of stories this month. I will try my best to be more active. My brain

Nationality and Language in Japanese

  Last time, I posted about the Katakana of Asian countries except for Japan, China, Taiwan, North, and South Korea because these countries are written in Kanji. For North and South Korea, I will only use one Japanese translation for the two countries. For this post, I will include these five countries. Of course, I will be using Hiragana and Katakana. Kanji will be discussed soon.   When we talk about Nationality, we refer to it based on the person’s country of origin. In Japan, there is a suffix included to refer to the person’s nationality. The same as determining the language of each country.   じん (jin) – means person. This suffix has the same Kanji as ひと (hito) as both words mean Person. じん is used as a suffix for Nationality.   がいこくじん – means Foreigner. がいじん – means Foreigner. Both have the same meaning. がいじん is like a slang word in calling a Foreigner.                            When writing Nationality:  Country + じん  For example: にほん – Japan à にほんじん

Days, Weeks, Months of the Year in Japanese

Last time, I posted about numbers. You can check it here: Lets talk about numbers     For today’s post, I will write about the Days of the week and month. As well as the Months of the Year.   I.                      Let’s start with the days of the month. As usual, I will not be going to use the Kanji for each days but its Hiragana equivalent.   Days HIRAGANA Romaji 1 st つ い た ち Tsu i ta chi 2 nd ふ つ か Fu tsu ka 3 rd み っか Mi kka 4 th よ っか Yo kka 5 th い つ か I tsu ka 6 th む い か Mu i ka 7 th な の か Na no ka 8 th よ う か Yo u ka 9 th こ こ の か Ko ko no ka 10 th と お か To o ka 11 th じゅ う い ち Ju u i chi 12 th