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Different Jobs in Japanese

  Different Jobs in Japanese   My last blog was about the different business industries in Japan. This time, I will write about the different jobs translated into Japanese.   しごと – Job ( おしごと – polite way of saying)               Sample: わたしのおしごとは~~~  (My job is ~~~ ) はたらいて – to work パートタイム – part-time job   Part-time job can also translated to アルバイト .   Here the different jobs:   Housewife – しゅ ふ ( shu fu ) Self-employed – じ え い ぎょ う ( ji e i gyo u )   Student – が く せ い ( ga ku se i ) Teacher – きょ う し / せ ん せ い ( kyo u shi / se n se i ) Scholar – が く しゃ ( ga ku sha )   Doctor – い しゃ ( i sha ) Nurse – か ん ご ふ ( ka n go fu ) Dentist – は い しゃ ( ha i sha ) Nutritionist – え い よ う し ( e i yo u shi ) Care worker – か い ご し ( ka i go shi )   Company president – しゃ ちょ う ( sha cho u ) Company employee – か い しゃ い ん ( ka i sha i n ) Businessman – ビ ジ ネ ス マ ン ( bi ji ne su ma n ) Engineer – エ ン ジ

Different Industries in Japanese

  Different Industries in Japanese According to the Statistics Bureau of Japan, people working in the category of ‘Craftsman, mining, manufacturing and construction workers and laborers’ were the largest group with 30.1% out of the total employed persons while ‘clerical and related workers’ were the 2 nd with 18.9%.   Let’s list here the different industries from the Japan Statistical Yearbook 2021: (All will be written in Hiragana or Katakana along with its Kanji equivalent as not to confuse everyone.) 1.        Agriculture, forestry and fisheries - のうりんぎょぎょう ( 農林漁業 )            農林 -  の う り ん ( no u ri n ) (Agriculture and Forestry)   漁 -  ぎょ ( gyo ) (Fishing) 業 -  ぎょ う ( gyo u ) (Business / Industry)   2.        Mining and quarrying of stone and gravel - こうぎょう ( 鉱業 ) 、 さいせき ぎょう ( 採石業 ) 、じゃり さいしゅ ぎょう ( 砂利採取業 )   鉱業 -  こ う ぎょ う ( ko u gyo u ) (Mining) 採石業 -  さ い せ き   ぎょ う ( sa i se ki gyo u ) (Quarry Industry) 砂利採取業 -  じゃ り   さ い しゅ   ぎょ う ( ja ri sa i shu