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When and why I started learning the Japanese Language?

  Why am I studying the Japanese language?                   Or how did I start having an interest in the Japanese language and its culture? Some people will say because Anime is popular in our country. But not the Anime. Yeah, I watched Anime’s but not as much as being hooked with Naruto. But Naruto was not the reason why I started my interest in Japan.  It was because of L and Death Note movies. I was so curious about Kenichi Matsuyama who played L in the movie that I researched about his movies so I can watch them. Then I clicked his first drama though he was not in the lead but because it's quite popular in our country and I watched it. That’s how I met Shin Sawada’s actor, Jun Matsumoto of Arashi. His character in Gokusen led me to his world and I was so in love with Matsujun, I watched his older dramas and movies. I also fell in love with Arashi members, and I got to know the world of JE (Johnny’s Entertainment). I became their fan. I even joined their fanbase. And because of