Summary - June

 My June Summary

For June, I was not so active. But anyway, As I promised that I will be doing a summary report.


So far, in June, I've posted about Numbers, Days and Weeks of the months, and Nationality and language for my Japanese blogs, while I updated more examples for my Spanish class. I am actually in Spanish 2 now. I was just too lazy to summarize Spanish 1.


Here is the link for the blogs for June:


June 1    àSpanish Lesson 2 More Examples

June 6   à Let’talk about numbers

June 15 à Days,Weeks, Months of the Year

June 20 à Nationality and Language


Here you can also find my May summary report:

May 30 à Summary – May


So far, I already post about the suffix for Nationality and Language. In the coming blogs, more suffixes and counters to be tackled. Wait for it. I hope I can blog more.


Here is my calendar for my two blogs though I haven’t posted a lot of stories this month. I will try my best to be more active. My brain is just too lazy to think.


This is Ringo.

See you soon.