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What is it about?                              

Why I created this page?


Write and learn is the new version of my old blog but will tackle more content. From its name, I write and learn new things. The sister website is I write and I sleep where I talk about my passion for writing. It is more on my thoughts, the stories I wrote, and my heartaches and disappointments. It is quite the toxic page I created. 

Unlike on this page, we will learn new things, a new language, etc. I used to have a page about the Japanese language and my ways of studying the language, but I couldn’t continue doing it. I was demotivated and discourage to continue. I even want to stop writing because I felt like I’m heading nowhere. I couldn’t find a sense of purpose anymore, but I don’t want to give up. I have to keep on writing because this is like my life. I need to learn new things for my brain to work properly. So, I created this page. 

By the way, my name is Irene, but I will be using the pen name ‘Ringo’. I always have this dream that one day I will be an author and I thought of using ‘Ringo’ as my signature. I just love the name. Apple is ‘Ringo’ in Japanese, though I am not a fan of apple, I love the word ‘Ringo’ so much. 

Here I discuss the Japanese language, new things, and knowledge I just discovered in my life. But mostly, about the Japanese language as this is the new version of my old blog. 


I work full time. I manage two blog sites. Despite it is a struggle to think and write a blog because of my work, it will not stop me from doing what I love. Writing is my passion. It was and will always be my hobby. Other people will have a hard time understanding the choices I make but it's me. It is the life I choose. 

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