Ads on this blog

 ADS on this BLOG


Hi, this is Ringo.

 I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year’s celebration. Happy 2023 to everyone.


I know everyone noticed that there are a lot of ads on my blog. Yes, Google AdSense has approved my application last year. And I couldn’t keep my happiness a secret forever. I’ve tried a lot of ways for Google to approve my application. I’ve opened a lot of blogs. And finally, I have my own revenue.

That’s why, I am hoping everyone visiting my blog, to help me with traffic and hopefully, please don’t turn on your adblocker. I know, it is my selfish plea to everyone. But the ads can help me in learning different languages like Japanese, Spanish, and Korean and sharing them here in my blog.

What is AdBlock?

AdBlock is an extension for browsers that disables ads on website. The purpose of it is to increase the loading speed and to show the real content of a certain site. A lot of users have added AdBlock to their browser’s extension which also affects bloggers and publishers who rely in blogging and writing, sharing information in internet, etc. as it is either their only source of income or their part-time job as freelance.


You can just ignore the ads on my blog. You don’t need to click it.
But please don’t turn it off and blocked it.

Thank you so much.


For those who wants to read about Google AdSense policy, you can visit their site through the LINK here.
You can also learn about How to earn from blogging in this LINK.