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Nature in Japanese

What is Nature ? Nature refers to natural world, a world on its own, not created or altered by us, the human beings. The word Nature has many meanings, it has different definition. But I am not going to discuss Nature itself, but the life within the natural environment of our planet Earth.           Nature is しぜん ( 自然 ) in Japanese. While Earth is ちきゅう ( 地球 ) . Do not confused つち ( 土 ) to ちきゅう ( 地球 ). Both means Earth but ちきゅう is the Planet Earth while つち is Soil or sometimes translated to earth.   Japan is known for its beautiful nature. They know how to preserve and protect their natural habitat despite being vulnerable to earthquakes and having too many volcanoes. Earthquake is じしん ( 地震 ) while Volcano is かざん ( 火山 ) .   List of Nature: Air (空気) - くうき Earth / Soil (土) - つち  Water (水) - みず Fire (火) – ひ Wind (風) - かぜ Snow (雪) - ゆき Hailstorm (雹の嵐) – ひょうのあらし Avalanche (雪崩) – なだれ Ice (氷) – こおり Rain (雨) - あめ Thunder (雷) - かみなり  Volcano (火山) - かざん Island (島) - しま  Land (土地) – とち Fie

Welcome 2022

  It’s better to be late than no greeting at all.   A lot is going on in my life that I haven’t updated my blogs so far. I am back again with my lazy self. No, not at all. I just feel at home because I am home after almost two years of being alone because of the pandemic. I just wanted to stay home for a while until I return to my usual lifestyle – the stressful life of a corporate slave, I mean corporate employee.   This is Ringo .  Welcome to my blog.  Happy 2022 to everyone. My plans for 2022: To update my blogs è I have two blogs. You can check my other site ( ). To keep on studying the Japanese language To be fluent in Spanish To return to studying the Korean language To be RICH (who doesn’t want to be rich?) To keep on reading books To follow my To-Do list To keep on writing so that I could write my first novel. To get married (which I am losing hope. Sad face!) To own a property   I think tha

Let's talk about names in Katakana form

  Let's talk about names in Katakana form Today's content is about names in Katakana. I will also list my favorite names both in English and Japanese names. As for my favorite Japanese names, I will only write the names in Katakana. I will be using the Wikipedia page as a reference for the list of the most popular given names and translate it into its Katakana form. Let's start with the United States of America. The most common names according to the 1990 census are: James      ジェームズ John        ジョン Robert     ロバート Michael    マイケル William     ウィリアム David        デビッド Richard    リチャード Charles   チャールズ Joseph     ジョセフ Thomas    トーマス Mary          メアリー Patricia      パトリシア Linda         リンダ Barbara      バーバラ Elizabeth    エリザベス Jennifer      ジェニファー Maria          マリア Susan         スーザン Margaret     マーガレット Dorothy      ドロシー   While the 2020 census, the most popular names are:   Liam                 リアム Noah                ノア Oliver              オリバー Elijah