Welcome 2022


It’s better to be late than no greeting at all.


A lot is going on in my life that I haven’t updated my blogs so far. I am back again with my lazy self. No, not at all. I just feel at home because I am home after almost two years of being alone because of the pandemic. I just wanted to stay home for a while until I return to my usual lifestyle – the stressful life of a corporate slave, I mean corporate employee.


This is Ringo

Welcome to my blog. 

Happy 2022 to everyone.

My plans for 2022:

  • To update my blogs

è I have two blogs. You can check my other site (https://write-and-sleep.com).

  • To keep on studying the Japanese language
  • To be fluent in Spanish
  • To return to studying the Korean language
  • To be RICH (who doesn’t want to be rich?)
  • To keep on reading books
  • To follow my To-Do list
  • To keep on writing so that I could write my first novel.
  • To get married (which I am losing hope. Sad face!)
  • To own a property


I think that’s all for my 2022 plans.


See you soon! Promise, I will update my blog.

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