Nature in Japanese

What is Nature?

Nature refers to natural world, a world on its own, not created or altered by us, the human beings. The word Nature has many meanings, it has different definition. But I am not going to discuss Nature itself, but the life within the natural environment of our planet Earth.



Nature is しぜん (自然) in Japanese. While Earth is ちきゅう(地球). Do not confused つち () to ちきゅう (地球). Both means Earth but ちきゅう is the Planet Earth while つちis Soil or sometimes translated to earth.  

Japan is known for its beautiful nature. They know how to preserve and protect their natural habitat despite being vulnerable to earthquakes and having too many volcanoes.

Earthquake is じしん (地震) while Volcano is かざん (火山).


List of Nature:

  • Air (空気) - くうき
  • Earth / Soil (土) - つち 
  • Water (水) - みず
  • Fire (火) – ひ
  • Wind (風) - かぜ

  • Snow (雪) - ゆき
  • Hailstorm (雹の嵐) – ひょうのあらし
  • Avalanche (雪崩) – なだれ
  • Ice (氷) – こおり
  • Rain (雨) - あめ

  • Thunder (雷) - かみなり 
  • Volcano (火山) - かざん
  • Island (島) - しま 
  • Land (土地) – とち
  • Field (畑) - はたけ

  • Valley (谷) - たに
  • Mountain (山) - やま
  • Cave (洞窟) - どうくつ 
  • Hill (丘) - おか
  • Cliff (崖) - がけ 

  • Rock (岩) - いわ 
  • Stone (石) - いし
  • Sand (砂) - すな
  • Desert (砂漠) – さばく
  • Sandstorm (砂嵐) – すなあらし

  • Scenery (景色) - けしき
  • Rainforest (熱帯雨林) - ねったいうりん 
  • Forest (森) - もり
  • Trees (木) – き
  • Flower (花) - はな

  • Grass (草) - くさ 
  • Sea (海) - うみ
  • Tsunami (津波) - つなみ
  • Wave (波) - なみ
  • Lake (湖) - みずうみ 

  • River (川) - かわ
  • Pond (池) - いけ
  • Waterfall (滝) - たき
  • Hot Spring (温泉) - おんせん
  • Mud (泥) – どろ

  • Wildlife ワイルドライフ
    Note: I am not so sure with the Japanese of Wildlife. I use Google to check on it and this is the Kanji I found which is 野生生物. But it can only be translated to Chinese. So, if we will translate it per Kanji character, it will be 野 - の, 生- せい, 生- せい, 物-もの.  That’s why, I use the Katakana sound. 
  • Animals (動物) – どうぶつ
  • Fish (魚) – さかな
  • Bird (鳥) – とり
  • Insects (昆虫) – こんちゅう

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