Monthly Grammar: Japanese particles は、を、に、か

Monthly Grammar:  Japanese particles は、を、に、か


It’s been a while since I last posted my monthly grammar lesson. Now, let’s check some sentences using the Japanese particles は、を、に、か.

I will try to create sentences using these particles. If you want to check my blog about these particles, please see the link below.
 The Japanese particle
 The Japanese particle
 The Japanese Particle
 The Japanese Particle

Japanese Particles and :

(Watashi ha nihongo wo benkyou shite imasu.)

I am studying Japanese.

For this sentence, you can change the word ‘にほんご’ to the language you are studying. For example, I am studying Spanish. You can change ‘にほんご’ to ‘スペインご’.

(Watashi ha aisu wo tabemashita.)

I ate Ice cream.

In this sentence, アイス can also be written as アイスクリーム.


Japanese Particles and :

(Juuni toki ni hirugohan wo tabemashita.)

I had lunch at 12'oclock.

I already discussed Time in Japanese. You can check the link here.


Japanese Particles , ,:

(Kareshi ha watashi ni purezento wo kuremashita.)

My boyfriend gave me a present.

For this sentence, プレゼント can be change to おくりもの(贈り物) which means ‘gift’ or ‘present’.

(Watashi ha baggu wo kure-zetto ni okimasu.)

I put my bag in the closet.

In this sentence, the particle can be change to . But since I haven’t discuss particle yet, that’s why, I input . The meaning and thought of the sentence are the same.

Japanese Particles

(Choushoku ni gohan wo tabetai desu ka?)

Do you want to eat rice for breakfast?

In this sentence, you can change breakfast to lunch or dinner. The Japanese of lunch is ちゅうしょく while dinner is ゆうしょく.


Japanese Particles ,,:

(Anata ha kaimono ni ikitai desu ka?)

Do you want to go shopping?

In Japan, あなた is hardly used. You can change it to the name of person you want to go shopping with. Check the sample sentence below. Instead of using ‘あなた’, I used ‘アナさん’.

(Ana-san ha doko ni ikimasu ka?)

Where is Anna going?

For a better image, you can check the picture library in the link:

Monthly Grammar:  Japanese particles は、を、に、か


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