Japanese Quiz: Ten-Ten and Maru

Japanese Quiz: Ten-Ten and Maru

Let’s test our knowledge about Hiragana and Katakana sounds with Ten-Ten and Maru. Can we get a perfect score?

If you want to review the characters first, you can check my previous blog:

Ten-Ten (“) and Maru (˚) (JapaneseCharacter)

Or if you want to check some examples, you can read them here:

Japanese Vocabulary: Ten-Ten (“) andMaru (˚)

始めましょう! (Let’s start!)

Quiz #1:  Write the Ten-Ten or Maru in Hiragana or Katakana of each quiz.

1. Onigiri  

2. Jitensha  


3. Konpyu-ta-  



4. Te-pureko-da-  


5. Nihongo  

6. Sangurasu  

7. Yopparai  



8. Denpou  


9. Ju-su  



10. Puroguramu  


Quiz #2: Missing Ten-Ten and Maru. Write the missing Hiragana or Katakana of each English words.

1. Guitar


2. Entrance


3. Market

4. Sandwich



5. Ticket



6. Passport


7. Supermarket



8. Announcement


9. Water


10. Table


Good Luck!

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For the answers:

You can check it here: Answer for Japanese Quiz: Ten-Ten and Maru

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