Japanese Quiz: Vocabulary Part 1

Japanese Quiz: Vocabulary Part 1

Now, let’s test our knowledge about vocabularies I discussed in my previous blogs. If you want to check and review, you can check My Site Summary where you can find the link of all my blogs.

Can we get a perfect score?

始めましょう! (Lets start!)

Quiz I: Write the missing Hiragana/Katakana of each Romaji.

1. Onamae

2. Tanjoubi

3. Nihongo

4. Wakarimasen

5. Omoimasu

6. Konnichiha

7. Watashi

8. Sumimasen

9. Atarashii

10. Ohayou gozaimasu


11. Asatte

12. Sayounara

13. Hocchikisu

14. Chiketto

15. Aisu kuri-mu

16. Jitensha

17. Happyou

18. Shoppinguka–to

19. Puroguramu


20. Pasupo–to




Good Luck!

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For the answers:

You can check it here: Answer for Japanese Quiz:Vocabulary Part 1

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