Word of the Week 18

Word of the Week: Week 18

For this week, the word of the week is:



(te) is the Kun-Yomi of the Kanji meaning Hand. It can also be read as (ta) for Kun-Yomi. While the On-Yomi is しゅ (shu).

is a JLPT N4 Kanji and it is Top 60 among 2500 Kanji that are most used Kanji in newspapers.

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A ku shu)

Te ga mi)

Ki tte)
Postage stamp


(Shu da n


(O te a ra i)


(Ka ra te)

Karate (Martial art)

(Te ga futatsu arimasu.)

I have two hands.

(Kanojo ha yukkuri to te wo tataita.)

She clapped her hands slowly.

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