Obon Festival in Japan

Obon Festival in Japan

Let’s talk about a Buddhist custom that honors the spirit of one’s ancestor, Bon or Obon.

Kanji: (お盆)
ぼん (おぼん)
Romaji: Bon (Obon)

Obon has been celebrated in Japan for more than 500 years. It is one of the three major holiday seasons in Japan alongside Golden week and the New year holiday. The date of the celebration of Obon varies depending on the region. But the official date is from August 13 and ends on August 15.

I also want to experience this festival but as I am not a summer person, I don’t think I can stay in Japan until around August.  I want to see the Bon Odori and wear Yutaka even though I’ve been to Japan multiple times, I haven’t tried wearing a Yukata.

Bon Odori (Bon Dance) – 盆踊りis a dance style performed during the Obon festival. Participants wear Yukata, a casual traditional kimono. They dance to traditional music while circling around the stage (Ya
gura) to honor the spirits of their ancestors.

Kanji: 盆踊り
Romaji: Bon Odori

If you want to see and experience the Obon festival, make sure you have your reservation in advance, as during this time, many Japanese take the time off from work, and transportation and accommodation get fully booked easily. Obon is one of the busiest holidays in Japan.

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