Word of the Week 7

Word of the Week: Week 7

For this week, the word of the week is:


is the On-Yomi reading of read as Ka, which means fire. The Kun-Yomi of is or read as Hi and Ho.

 I used instead of for the reading of Kanji because in the previous word of the week, week 6, I used for , so it will not be confusing.

 In most Kanji books, is also translated as Tuesday.

 For the writing of , you may check it in the link below:



(火曜日) – Tuesday
(Ka you bi)

(火山) – Volcano

(火災) – a Fire

にならないように、ちゅういでる。(火災にならないように、注意でる。) – Be careful not to catch a fire.
(Kasai ni naranai you ni, chuui deru.) 

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