Word of the Week 6

 Word of the Week: Week 6


It is kind of late to post the Week 6 of Word of the Week, but here is it:

Day / Sun


read as hi is the Kun-Yomi of . can also be read in its Kun-Yomi as (ka) or (bi). While the On-yomi, is read as にち (nichi), にっ (ni) or じつ (jitsu).

as in means day or sun, date or deadline. as in にち is Sunday and the counter for days or day of the month.  

You can check the strokes and how to write



Tomorrow is Sunday.

明日 – read as あした (ashita) means tomorrow.
日曜日 – read as にちようび (nichi you bi) means Sunday.
(Notice that the
in both words are read differently. This is an irregular way of reading , that is not included in the On-Yomi or Kun-Yomi. This can be confusing but once we master the Kanji reading, we will be able to read difficult Kanji also.)

Today is Mother’s Day.

今日 – read as きょう (kyou) means Today.
(irregular way of reading

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