Happy Birthday in Japanese


Happy Birthday Lyrics in Japanese

How do you say Happy Birthday to you in Japanese?


Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu

It means Happy Birthday to you or Congratulations on your Birthday.

たんじょうび (誕生日) means Birthday. Putting the marker makes it more polite.

For example:


Today is my birthday.

Or you can say (to make it more polite):


For casual, you can say おたんじょうびおめでとう. 


If you want to sing the Happy Birthday song in Japanese, there are two ways: The original version and the Japanese version.


Original Version:
(Please sing it in the Birthday song tune)

ハッピーバースデー トゥーユー

ハッピーバースデー トゥーユー

ハッピーバースデー ディア (名前さん)

ハッピーバースデー トゥーユー

Happi- ba-sude- tu-yu-
Happi- ba-sude- tu-yu-
Happi- ba-sude- Dia (Name)
Happi- ba-sude- tu-yu-

    お名前さん – A person’s name. You can the birthday celebrant’s name plus the Japanese honorifics さん.


Example:  ハッピーバースデー ディア  アンさん。
            (Happi- Basude- Dia Ms. Ann)


Japanese Version:
(the tune for this version is a little bit sadder than the original. You can check it on YouTube.)

うれしいなきょうは。 (嬉しいな今日は。)

たのしいなきょうは。 (楽しいな今日は。)

たんじょうびおめでとう。 (誕生日おめでとう。)

おうたをうたいましょう。 (お歌を歌いましょう。)

Ureshii na kyou wa

Tanoshii na kyou wa

Tanjoubi omedetou

Outa wo utaimashou

Today is a happy day.

Today is a pleasant day.

Happy birthday to you.

Let's sing a song.


To someone who is celebrating your Birthday:



Happy Birthday to you.
Enjoy your special day.


This Ringo.


And I’ll see you soon.


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