Word of the Week 2


                                  Word of the Week!

For WEEK 2, our word of the week is:


Read as Kazoku means Family. It is consist of two Kanji, and.


is the Kanji of Houseいえ (ie)for Kun-Yomi (Japanese reading) and (ka) for On-Yomi (Chinese reading). When this Kanji is alone, the reading will be in its Kun-Yomi which いえ.


is read as ぞく(zoku)(Chinese reading) means tribe.





(Watashi ha Yonnin Kazoku desu.)

There are four people in my family.



 (Watashi no kazoku no ie ha asoko ni arimasu.)

My Family's house is over there.




For the above vocabularies:

わたし () – means I. 
は、の、に – are particles (these words will be discussed in future blogs) 
です – is a to be verb (will be discussed in future blogs) 
4にん (4人) – four people 
あそこ – over there

あります – have (for objects) 


If you want to learn about Family members, you can check my previous blog Let’s talk about Family in Japanese.  



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