Summary - May




I have been thinking of making a summary report every end of the month just like what I am doing with my blog where I talk about what happened to me. For this blog, I will just be going to put all the links in one post so it will be easier to see all my posts in a month. Though I haven’t been so active in posting recently, I will try to post a lot for the next months, create video content on YouTube, and study more.

 For this summary report, I will include all the posts from March up to the latest as this is my first summary report. For next month's summary, it will only focus on all the posts I publish that month.

For the month of May:


May 29, 2021 à The Long vowels 

May 18, 2021 à Combined Characters

May 17, 2021 à The small ‘tsu’

May 16, 2021 à Ten-Ten and Maru

May 15, 2021 à Spanish Lesson #1Survival Expressions


For the month of April:


April 22, 2021 à Examples of Katakana

April 19, 2021 à Examples of Hiragana

April 08, 2021 à The HiraganaCharacter

April 03, 2021 à The Katakana Character


Then, by March, I bought this domain.

March 27, 2021 à When and why I started learning the Japanese language? 

I also created my May Calendar for my two blogs. I will do this every end of the month for me to check my progress.



I will also be active on my social media and share a lot of things.


This is Ringo. 

See you soon.