Word of the Week 19

Word of the Week: Week 19

For this week, the word of the week is:


Foot / Leg

あし is the Kun-Yomi of meaning Foot / Leg. But if the Kun-Yomi is たりる (足りる), the meaning will be different. It already means enough. While the Kun-Yomiたす (足す) means add and たる (足る) means sufficient.  

The On-Yomi of is そく (soku) which is the counter for pairs.

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I sso ku)
A pair of shoes

A shi ku bi)

A shi a to)


(Ma n zo ku na)

Satisfied, contented

(A shi o to)

Sound of footsteps

(Ryo u a shi)

Both legs (both feet)

(Kare ha ashi ha nagai desu ne.)

He has long legs.

(Genzai mizubusoku dearu.)

There is currently a water shortage.


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