Hi, I’m back with my Spanish language lessons. I am currently attending (again, as in again and again.) a seven-week Basic Spanish language 1. I am hoping that this time I could finally finish it but let’s just wait for the result whether I can finish it or if I can learn something.

Anyway, today’s blog is about counting numbers up to 20.

The Number is Números in Spanish.

Let’s count the numbers 1-20:

0 – Cero

1 – Uno

2 – Dos

3 – Tres

4 – Cuatro

5 – Cinco

6 – Seis

7 – Siete

8 – Ocho

9 – Nueve

10 – Diez

11 – Once

12 – Doce

13 – Trece

14 – Catorce

15 – Quince

16 – Dieciseis

17 – Diecisiete

18 – Dieciocho

19 – Diecinueve

20 – Veinte

So, when I was doing the exercises for the Time lesson of the Spanish language, I always interchange ‘Cuatro’ and ‘Cuarto’. Cuatro is the Number Four while Cuarto is the Quarter.

During the discussion of time, I always make mistakes when the question is about quarter past or quarter to.


1. It is a quarter past four

  • Son las cuatro y cuarto

2. It’s quarter to seven.  

  • Son las siete menos cuarto.

Instead of cuarto for a quarter, I always end up using cuatro. The ‘son las siete menos cuarto’, I answered it as ‘son las siete menos cuatro’ which is wrong. Sometimes, I answer ‘cuartro’ and I don’t even know the meaning and my points will always be minus. (crying)


I still have a long way to go in learning the Spanish language.

I guess that's all for today’s blog and I’ll continue my weekly learning.

See you soon! This is Ringo.


For my Spanish lessons that I am still not fluent and need more effort to study, you can check the link below: