Word of the Week 4

 Word of the Week: WEEK 4


I started my word of the week on the second Saturday of April and now is the last Saturday for the month of April. For week 4, the word of the week is:



read as Okane means Money. Without (o), かね () means Gold. It is also the Kanji of Friday, 金曜日.

in On-yomi (Chinese reading) is きん (Kin)・こん (Kon) and the Kun-yomi (Japanese reading) is かね (Kane)・かな (Kana). 

 You can check here on how to write the Kanji of Money or Gold:



           げんきん (現金) – Cash

               Yesterday was Friday.


That’s it for today’s post.

 This is Ringo. 

 I’ll see you soon!


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