Word of the Week 15

Word of the Week: Week 15


For this week, the word of the week is:



The Kun-Yomi of is たけ (take). While the On-Yomi is ちく (chiku).

Last 2019, I went to one of Japan’s famous tourist spots, the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto. The bamboo grove is a natural forest, and they really did a great job of preserving the place. It's so beautiful though there were too many tourists, and I cannot get a nice shot but just seeing how beautiful the bamboo grove, it’s a great experience. I will be sharing some photos below.

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Chi ku ri n)
Bamboo grove

Ta ke mo tsu)
Bamboo sword

Ta ke ga ki)
Bamboo fence


(Ta ke no ko)

Bamboo shoots

(Ta ke u ma)

Bamboo stilts

(Fu e ta ke)

Bamboo flute

(Arashiyama chikurin ni ikimashita.)

I went to Arashiyama bamboo grove.

(Kore ha take no ki desu.)

This is a bamboo tree.


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