Basic Greetings in Japanese using Hiragana sound

Basic Greetings in Hiragana 

For today’s blog, I will be discussing basic greetings that are used in everyday conversation. I will give 15 words that are commonly spoken or use daily.

1.       おはよう à Good morning

(only use this when greeting your friends or someone younger than you)

2.       おはようございます à Good morning (Polite)

( formal way of greeting. Use this when addressing your superiors, strangers or any situation that requires formality)

3.       こんにちは à Good afternoon

               (it also means Hello)

4.       こんばんは à Good evening

5.       ありがとう à Informal way of saying Thank you

(use this when saying thank you to your friends or someone younger than you)

6.       ありがとうございます à formal way of saying Thank you

7.       どういたしまして à You’re welcome

8.       ごめんなさ à Sorry (I’m sorry)

(only use this when apologizing to someone close to you or younger than you. Don’t use this when apologizing to your superiors. this word is commonly used by children)

9.       すみません à Excuse me

(it can also mean I’m sorry)

10.   ちょっとまってください à Please wait for a moment

11.   しょうしょうおまちください à Polite way of saying Please wait a moment.

12.   いただきます à say this before eating as a sign of acceptance and gratitude. There is no literal meaning of this word in English.

13.   ごちそうさまでした à Thank you for the treat.

(say this after eating or if being treated a meal offered by someone. It is a sign of gratitude. There is also no literal meaning of this word in English)

14.   はい à Yes. Sure

15.   いいえ à No.


That’s all for today.

This is Ringo.


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