2023 Word of the Week: Week 01

2023 Word of the Week: Week 01


It’s been a while since I did a weekly word. For this week, the word of the week is:


Big Forest, Grove

もり (mori) is the Kun-Yomi of , while the On-Yomi is しん (Shin). The Kanji is a combination of three ’s (ki). You can check the Kanji in this link.

is an N4 Kanji. also means woods similar to , which is translated as forest. Don’t get confused with it. When we talk about a bigger forest, it will be , the smaller one is .  

 For the writing of , you may check it in the link below:



Shi n ri n)
Forest, woods

Mo ri no o ku)
Deep in the forest

Shi n ri n ga ku)


(Mo ri i no shi shi)

Forest wild boar

(Shi n ri n ka sa i)

Forest fire

(Shi n ri n chi)

Forest land

(Watashi ha hitori de mori ni ikimasu.)

I will go into the forest alone.

(Watashi to issho ni mori ni ikimasen ka.)

Would you like to go to the forest with me?


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