Word of the Week 20

Word of the Week: Week 20

For this week, the word of the week is:



(me) is the Kun-Yomi of meaning Eye. It can also be read as (ma).  
The On-Yomi of is もく (moku) and ぼく (boku).  

has 4 horizontal line that’s why, always be careful when reading it as might be mistaken as (にち) which only have 3 horizontal line.

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Hi to me bo re)
Love at first sight

I chi ni chi me)
First day

Me gu su ri)
Eye drops


(Mo ku te ki)


(Mo ku hyo u)


(Mo ku ji)

Table of contents

(Warera no ai ha hitomebore kara hajimarimashita.)

Our love began at first sight.

 (Watashi no jinsei no mokuhyou ha shiawase ni naru koto desu.)

 My goal in life is to be happy.


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