Digital Product 2: Coloring book for Children

 Digital Product 2: 

Coloring book for Children


⮚ Digital PDF Title: Coloring Book for Children.

⮚Perfect workbook for children. It includes pictures of animals, fruits, vegetable and many more. 

⮚ It is a 50 pages and I created it using Canva with the help of Microsoft PowerPoint. 

⮚ The price for the digital PDF is only $1. You can buy it through my page. You will receive the PDF file only. 

⮚ The price is negotiable if you will not use or if you are from the Philippines. All you have to do is send me an email requesting for a negotiable price. 

⮚ If you need a JPEG copy, you can also request it. But the price will be $2. 

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